Women Open Abaya


The most popular modest fashion trend for abayas has been the Open Abaya design which is a kimono style abaya that is easy to wear.

Women Open Abayas have been continuously paired with matching abaya belts to give a more A-line maxi dress style and adds shape to the abaya rather than the standard fit of the classic loose abaya bearing in mind abayas are designed to fit loosely, open abayas can be worn with the built-in belt to change up the design.

Any Open Abayas can be paired with different types of belts even if they don’t have a built-in belt, you can always take the initiative and add a rope belt or material belt for an extra touch in abaya fashion. 

With an open abaya you can easily wear a slip dress to wear underneath in simple colours such as navy, grey or cream which match with most colours, this allows a more relaxed fit and you can also leave the abaya open.  If you are looking for a women open abaya manufacturer, Loriya is your best choice, as one of the best islamic clothing supplier.


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